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George Dumont, Building Official
Calista McDermott, Clerk
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The Town of Scituate Building Office is now offering ONLINE PERMITTING through the State permit portal which can be found here:
Effective January 26, 2021 paper permits will no long be accepted. 

INSTRUCTIONS: Please go to Please click on "Town of Scituate". Next, click on "building department" and select the type of permit you need. 

NOTE: All building plans need to be dropped off at the Building Official's Office.

Complaint Form
Amended Draft Solar Ordinance

Inspections for new construction will be done with the following requirements; no one in the structure. Other inspections will be determined by the individual inspector.

 Please call (401) 647-5901 with any questions; most can be answered over the phone.  If we cannot answer immediately, we will research and get back to you either by phone or email.

Email us @  or

 Normal Office Hours

Building, Zoning & Planning Office Hours
Monday - Friday    8:30 - 4:00  401-647-5901
Calista McDermott, Administrative Assistant  

Building & Zoning Official Hours
Monday - Thursday   8:30-2:30
Friday 8:30-12:30

Inspections will be 9-12:00 M-F w/ 24 Hour Notice

Afternoon Office visits by appointment 
Monday - Thursday
AM - 
George Dumont, Building:ng & Zoning Official

If the Building/Zoning Official is in the field, the office will contact him for all emergencies and questions. 

Building Permits:
The Town of Scituate enforces the Rhode Island State Building Code (SBC). In accordance with SBC, permits are required for all activities not classified as "ordinary repairs". Roofing and re-siding are not considered "ordinary repairs". Building permits for new construction generally take PM to 2 weeks for processing. An approved I.S.D.S. application and plan along with proof of ownership/status are required prior to start of permit process.
Permit fee schedules are available upon request. Contact our office during regular business hours to obtain further information on this process.

Zoning :
The town contains RR (Rural Residential), RS (Single-Family Residential), BL (Limited Business), BG (General Business), M (General Manufacturing), and W (Watershed) zones.There are 2 Village Overlay District Zones, in the Village of Hope, and the Village of North Scituate. Zoning Ordinances are available in the Town Clerk's Office at a cost of $15.00 for town residents and $20.00 for non-residents. Or click below:

Contact our offices during normal business hours for additional information.

Planning : The Planning Commission meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm.
Zoning : The Zoning Board of Review meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm.
Note: There will be no Zoning Board meeting in December.

The subdivision and land development regulations are available in the Town Clerk's Office at a cost of $15.00 for town residents and $20.00 for non-residents.

All applications, and fees are available at the Building Department located at Town Hall during regular office hours.